Physical Therapist: experts in movement and function

Legacy Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are defined by the APTA as “experts in movement and function” but are very often associated with an environment in which they deal with patients who are ill or have undergone surgery. A large part of a physical therapist’s program is directed at preventing injury, loss of movement, and even surgery.

When a pain scenario begins it is common sense to rest for a few days; however, when days turn to weeks and weeks turn to month then the condition becomes chronic and the effects of the pain become more than just discomfort. Don’t let those weeks turn into months!

Don’t Let Pain Stop You

At Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialist, it is our goal to keep you from staying at this immobile and painful stage of your life. Our goal is to offer an integrated approach for treating your pain and physical therapy plays a large role in getting you moving. If you suffer from low back or neck pain and have yet to find a solution to your symptoms, call us today for a consultation so that we can get you BACK TO LIFE!