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Written Testimonies

“I have had a wonderful experience with surgery. I had severe pain in my right hip that radiated down my right leg. I had a herniated disc that was causing the pain. Dr. Rubin performed the surgery to remove the disc that was causing the pain and I have healed great and feel much better.”

-Regena Stalnaker.

Patient of Dr. David Rubin


“I couldn’t have asked for or received better quality care”

-Dena Smith

Patient of Dr. David Rubin


“Before I came to Dr. Schlesinger I was unable to go shopping, walking and play with my grandchildren. After my surgery I have my life BACK! I would recommend this practice to anyone that is having back problems.”

-Sonia C.

Patient of Dr. Scott Schlesinger


“Dr. Schlesinger and his entire staff are excellent. I really like the time that they take with each patient and I was very impressed with the fact that they called me several times post-op to check on my progress. He is an amazing surgeon and I had instant relief after surgery. I have and will recommend him to anyone having back problems. Thank you Dr. Schlesinger and Legacy for all your compassion.

-Mary Goodman

Patient of Dr. Scott Schlesinger


“I have had a life changing experience coming to Legacy Spine and Dr. Rubin and his team. I feel a million times better and I have had such a warm and pleasant interaction with every call and visit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

-Melissa W.

Patient of Dr. David Rubin


I am very impressed with Dr. Sullivan and the treatment I received. She was also very thorough in  explaining my medical conditions. I would recommend highly recommend their services to anyone seeking care for their spine/neurological concerns. She is a very caring doctor as well as the staff

– M.H.  

Patient of Dr. Elizabeth Sullivan


Simply amazing. She is so helpful and knowledgeable about what she is doing. Caring personality and willing to go above and beyond to take care of her patients needs. Friendly staff, and always available. She’s definitely not replaceable!

– C. Smith

Patient of Dr. Kelli Schlesinger


I had severe pain from my low back, to my left leg. So bad I could no walk or stand for any length of time. Had a bulging disc at LS-S1. Back injections did not give me relief. Had a macro discectomy as outpatient, and I am pain free!

-Jenny H.  

Patient of Dr. Scott Schlesinger


“I came to Dr. Rubin barely able to walk—my gait was very unsteady. Excruciating pain in back and left leg, decreased sensations to left leg. Almost like paralysis but extreme pain also. After my surgery I am up and walking with a normal gait—off all pain meds. I feel able to live life again. I’m taking water aerobic exercise three times a week—walking daily. I am happy and grateful to Dr. Rubin for helping me. Without him I would probably be in a wheel chair. Staff was helpful, friendly. Office had very little wait time. Courteous and friendly”

-Susan B.

Patient of Dr. David Rubin


Nurse was friendly & explained process of first visit. I appreciated Dr. Sullivan listening to my concerns and suggesting alternatives to treat my migraines. Dr. Sullivan treated me with respect. Will definitely recommend her and the clinic to friends.

-Kendra K.  

Patient of Dr. Elizabeth Sullivan


Had an amazing experience at Legacy Neuro. They got me in, made a decision, and had me cured in six weeks. My level of improvement is unbelievable. I would recommend Legacy Neuro to anyone experiencing back issues.


Patient of Dr. Scott Schlesinger


The staff at Legacy was very attentive to my needs. Dr. Rubin was wonderful. I could barely stand without major pain due to sciatica. I woke up from surgery pain free. I could immediately feel the relief. I am now back to enjoying life again without chronic pain.


Patient of Dr. David Rubin


I would highly recommend Dr. Sullivan to others. She is confident, and efficient in her diagnosis and treatment. She has a patient pleasing personality that eases tension.


Patient of Dr. Elizabeth Sullivan

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