Pavilion MRI

Pavilion MRI combines the latest technology in neuro-imaging with experienced, friendly technicians, physicians and staff, to create the most high-quality, comfortable MRI experience. Our clinic features a GE 1.5T “closed” MRI machine, the largest wide bore high-resolution magnet on the market. This state-of-the-art MRI is designed with a more spacious setting to help reduce patient anxiety, and is ideal for those who may be claustrophobic. The design can also accommodate larger body types (weighing up to 500 pounds). We seamlessly merge high-resolution with comfort, and provide the highest-quality images available for any area of the body, excluding the heart and breasts.

Preliminary results are available to the patient’s physician within an hour of the MRl appointment. Preliminary reports are available within minutes by a national radiologist group and sub-specialists in all body areas and systems scanned by our MRI. Experienced technicians and an on-site physician are available to ensure quality of the scanning experience and to provide sedation when needed for the claustrophobic patient.

Pavilion MRI is conveniently located in the quiet, serene and beautiful setting of the Pavilion in the Park center in Little Rock. Often, same day appointments are possible. Friendly, cooperative staff is available to assist in all aspects of scheduling and authorization.

The MRI Explained

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a scan used for a medical imaging procedure. It is based on differences in the physical and natural magnetic properties of protons in water molecules in different tissues in the body.

It uses a magnetic field and radio waves to take pictures inside the body. It is especially helpful to collect pictures of soft tissue such as nerves and muscles that do not show up on x-ray examinations.

The MRI scan consists of a table that slides into a large cylinder. Inside the cylinder is a powerful magnetic field.

Soft tissue contains water molecules and the magnetic field acts upon microscopic substances (called protons) found in water. The magnetized protons in the soft tissue send out an echo in response to the MRI scan’s radio waves. A computer then organizes these echoes into images.

Update as of 3/23/2020


The physicians of Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists are fully committed to continuing to offer care to all our patients in the safest possible manner for our staff and all our patients, as well as all the entire population of our state, during this unprecedented healthcare crisis our nation is facing at this time.   Social distancing is the most important method of trying to slow the spread of this pandemic. Therefore starting 3/23/2020 we are closed. You may call 501-661-0077 or continue to our website and use our securing messaging system.


As of 3/30/202 we will offer Telehealth consultations for new and existing patients in accordance with the requests of President Trump and Governor Hutchinson.   We will do the very best we can To arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan for your issues via Telehealth. Most non urgent in person care will be explained and planned for but delayed until the social distancing is no longer appropriate for your condition. We will be offering in person care for only for limited urgent issues including selected spinal And cranial procedures.


Our MRI will be used with the greatest of preventative caution and in strict adherence of social distancing for our patients and staff.


Please be patient with any inconveniences during this period of time. We hope that all will join us in prayer for a full recovery for all Across the entire world afflicted with the Covid 19 and that we will this invisible war ASAP, and for the souls of those who have lost the battle!   God Bless America and the World!