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Gettysburg Address

On November 19th, 1963 President Lincoln delivers one of the most memorable speeches in history. In just 272 words, Lincoln brilliantly and movingly reminded a war-weary public why the Union had to fight, and win, the Civil War. The speech was after the bloodiest battle, The Battle of Gettysburg, where in three days over 45,00o men were killed, injured, captured or went missing. The speech reflected his redefined belief that the Civil War was not just a fight to save the Union, but a struggle for freedom and equality for all, an idea Lincoln had not championed in the years leading up to the war.

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Holiday Health Tips

With the Holidays right around the corner, there are so many opportunities to over indulge, so here are some good tips to fight off those extra LBs and stay fit this Holiday Season!

Exercise: Its easy to skip out on your exercise during this extremely busy time of year, but here are some ideas to keep you motivated.

  1. Get outside

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Migraine Triggers

Many migraine patients recognize specific triggers to their headaches. Migraine patients are more sensitive to certain substances in their foods and environments as well as changes to their routine. Too much or too little sleep, changes in exercise routines, and processed foods can worsen migraine headaches.Heavy, flowery scents or cigarette smoke are frequent triggers.

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We Salute Our Veterans & Active Military

It began as Armistice Day

World War I, officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919. However, seven months earlier the fighting ceased in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. November 11th 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars”. Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day, and still is in other countries, signifying the formal agreement which ended the fighting on the western front.

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Becker’s Presentation by Dr. Schlesinger

Becker’s ASC Review

This past month, our very own Dr. Scott Schlesinger was a featured speaker at this years’ Becker’s Ambulatory Surgery Center Review Conference. Over 1500 physicians and administrators from around the country attended the conference.

Dr. Schlesinger took the stage to discuss the MIGLIF procedure. 

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Congratulations to the winners of the Breeder’s Cup 2017

Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists congratulates all the winning connections and all the winning champions of the Breeder’s cup races. We are particularly proud of Gun Runner’s outstanding victory in the Breeder’s Cup Classic. He has deep ties to Arkansas with his past Stakes victories at Oaklawn and the Oaklawn multiple Trainer of the Year Winner Steve Asmussen. Also, we wish to congratulate our friend the Hall of Fame Jockey- Mike Smith in his Breeder’s cup victory with Caledonia Road. We love you Mikey! Forever Unbridled, another Oaklawn Stakes Winner ran a beautiful race to with the Distaff. Legacy wishes to thank the Cella Family and all the family at Oaklawn Park and its vast impact on the tradition of and the excellence of Thoroughbred racing in the country and the world! Look forward to another great meet in 2018! And there off!!!!!!!!


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Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists wishes the best of luck to the horse owners, trainers and fans on this Breeders’ Cup weekend!

The world’s greatest have to start somewhere. And for the Breeders’ Cup World Championships, that somewhere was Hollywood Park in 1984. What began as a one day, 7-race event has grown into a two-day, $28 million extravaganza attracting the best horses, trainers, and owners from across the globe. It has also become the unofficial end and culmination of the thoroughbred-racing season, often with the Breeders’ Cup Classic being the deciding factor in Horse of the Year. And while these two days have seen legends born, history made, and fortunes won, the greatest part is that the best is still yet to come.

What is the Breeders’ Cup?

  • The Breeders’ Cup is Thoroughbred racing’s “Super Bowl” and “World Series” combined into one weeklong event with over $65 million in local economic impact.
  • Breeders’ Cup consists of 13 races over two days, November 3 & 4, 2017, where the world’s best Thoroughbreds will compete for over $28 million in purses and awards.
  • Approximately 100,000 racing fans will experience the event, both at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and throughout San Diego and North Country.
  • Millions more will watch Breeders’ Cup on NBC and NBC Sports Network during its nine-hour live broadcast from San Diego.

Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists wishes the best of luck to the horse owners, trainers and fans on this Breeders’ Cup weekend!



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Ice vs. Heat

Have you ever wondered what on earth you should put on an achy back or a bum knee? While there is debate on the effectiveness of each treatment choice the recommendations listed here give good tips and hints that might lead you in the right direction.
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