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5 Bad Habits You Don’t Know Are Causing You Back Pain

You hear about the typical reasons for back pain all the time; a slipped disc, a work injury, a genetic disorder. But you may not know all the things you do on a daily basis that indicate you’re headed towards a whole heap of pain. Back pain often isn’t an instantaneous thing. It usually occurs as a culmination of things that have happened to your body over the years. So, we’ve put together the top five bad habits that you might not even know are contributing to your pain or might contribute to pain in the future.

Bad Habit: The research is in. Scientists are claiming sitting is the new smoking. The seated position puts 40 percent more pressure on your spine in comparison to standing.

Good Habit: Get up and walk around every half hour. Do some stretches.


Bad Habit: That mattress you’ve held on to through every move and every child is more of an enemy than a keepsake. A sagging mattress causes your spine to sag as well and with a needed 6-8 hours of sleep per night, your back is experiencing 6 – 8 hours of dis-alignment.

Good Habit: Replace your mattress every 5 – 7 years, depending on the brand and quality.


Bad Habit: Driving your car in a laid back position may be considered cool, but your back certainly won’t thank you. The same goes for how you sit at your desk.

Good Habit: Position your seat at a 90 degree angle so that reaching for pedals and the steering wheel isn’t causing muscle tension.


Bad Habit: Clogged arteries are an obvious reason for a trip to a cardiologist, but they can also deplete oxygen that’s necessary for muscle structure in your back.

Good Habit: Take on a healthier diet. Along with reducing the chance for clogged arteries, you’ll shed the excess weight that’s taking a toll on your back.


 Bad Habit: We know as a businessperson or a parent, you want to pack your life into one bag that you can carry with you everywhere. But doing this causes an imbalance in your shoulders, which makes dis-alignment in your back a possibility.

Good Habit: Carry only up to 10 percent of your weight in your briefcase or purse.