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best pillow for neck pain

Neck Pain: Which Pillow Is Best

Most people know that the type of mattress you use, how long you’ve had it, and the position you sleep in all affect the type of back pain you might endure when you get up in the morning. We consider it such an important factor to taking care of your back that that we recently wrote a blog on it (include link).

What most people don’t know is that your pillow is also a huge factor in preventing back and neck pain. Whether it’s a childhood-like attachment or fear of buying the wrong one, we all tend to hold on to pillows too long. If no amount of fluffing can save the sagging, drooping pillow sadly sitting atop your mattress, it’s time to look into a fresher, younger model. And we can help.

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selective nerve root block

Selective Nerve Root Block FAQ

What is a Selective Nerve Root Block?

A selective nerve root block (SNRB) is a procedure that helps Legacy surgeons determine the source of your leg or arm pain. There are many nerves in the cervical and lumbar spine. It is sometimes necessary to use more than an MRI, physical exam and symptom evaluation to determine the cause of pain.

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MIG-LIF Procedure

The MIG-LIF Procedure

Throughout our site, you’ll notice information about the Legacy Spinous Midline Image Guided Fusion (MIG-LIF) Procedure. It is a minimally invasive surgery created by Legacy’s own Dr. Schlesinger, who wanted to provide the least invasive surgical alternative to his patients.

Dr. Schlesinger’s MIG LIF Procedure is a new minimally invasive surgical technique developed to treat lumbar stenosis/instability, a very advanced form of back and associated leg pain.

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Playing Tennis with Injury

Protecting Your Back While Playing Tennis

Our primary goal is to help our patients live the healthiest, most pain-free lives they can, and exercise is an essential part of that. We find tennis is a great activity option for many of our patients, as it is low-impact and courts and equipment are highly accessible. Whether you have a history of back pain or simply want to prevent it, here are a few tips to help you get out on the courts while making sure your back is taken care of at the same time.

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Neuro vs Ortho

Neurosurgeon vs Orthopedic Surgeon: Which is Right For You?

When a patient begins to experience back pain that will require a specialist’s attention, many consider making an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to be the natural next step. While orthopedists do specialize in the entire musculoskeletal system and have training in spinal surgery, they aren’t always the right choice for every patient. While orthopedic surgeons are trained to treat bones, joints and ligaments all over your body, neurosurgeons spend their six to seven years of training focusing solely on your brain, spine and nervous system. This concentrated focus often helps a neurosurgeon have a deeper understanding of the delicate nuances of the spine.

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Best Sports For Your Back

Best Sports For Your Back

While watching the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio last summer, you may have felt inspired to pursue your own athletic goals while watching the Olympic athletes pursue theirs. If you’re currently experiencing back pain, or have dealt with back pain in the past, it can be intimidating to jump into a sport or exercise routine. You worry about putting too much pressure on your already compromised spine, or tweaking your back just enough to send any recovery progress you’ve made into a tailspin. If you want to incorporate more activity into your life, but want to be easy on your back at the same time, the below sports may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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best little rock neurosurgeon

Dr. Schlesinger Named A 2016 Best Healthcare Professional

Our focus at Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists is always our patients. From helping our current patients find relief to creating new, cutting-edge procedures for those who may seek out our help in the future, we’re constantly working to provide life-changing results. It is this intense focus on our patients that causes this announcement to be especially exciting: Dr. Scott Schlesinger was recently named one of 2016’s Best Healthcare Professionals by AY Magazine.

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Meet Legacy Neurosurgeons

Meet Our Neurosurgeons

August is Neurosurgery Awareness Month, and we’re helping you get to know our neurosurgeons and their specialties a little better! Though neurosurgery is already highly specialized, our neurosurgeons each have their own unique skills, areas of expertise and passions within the field. Learn more about them below:

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