best pillow for neck pain

Neck Pain: Which Pillow Is Best

Most people know that the type of mattress you use, how long you’ve had it, and the position you sleep in all affect the type of back pain you might endure when you get up in the morning. We consider it such an important factor to taking care of your back that that we recently wrote a blog on it (include link).

What most people don’t know is that your pillow is also a huge factor in preventing back and neck pain. Whether it’s a childhood-like attachment or fear of buying the wrong one, we all tend to hold on to pillows too long. If no amount of fluffing can save the sagging, drooping pillow sadly sitting atop your mattress, it’s time to look into a fresher, younger model. And we can help.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your pillow should serve the purpose of keeping your neck parallel to your mattress, not bent up or down.

Position: Most people can rely on a cervical contour pillow as their number one option. The best feature is that it conforms to different sleeping positions. Your next best option would be a foam contour pillow.

Material: Latex vs Memory foam is a heated debate amongst devoted followers of the two materials, but we recommend latex (unless you have an allergy). Memory foam takes on heat and a hot sleep is a restless sleep. Avoid feather pillows, as they provide little to no support.

Support: If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, a body pillow can help provide additional support. By placing a body pillow between your knees while on your side, you’re helping align the spine is obviously directed correlated to your neck.

As you’re supposed to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night, investing in the right mattress and pillow makes perfect sense in preventing back and neck pain. There is no one-size-fits-all mentality, but these tips should help you prevent a stiff neck feeling in the morning.

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