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Dr. Schlesinger Named A 2016 Best Healthcare Professional

Our focus at Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists is always our patients. From helping our current patients find relief to creating new, cutting-edge procedures for those who may seek out our help in the future, we’re constantly working to provide life-changing results. It is this intense focus on our patients that causes this announcement to be especially exciting: Dr. Scott Schlesinger was recently named one of 2016’s Best Healthcare Professionals by AY Magazine.

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Superfoods for Your Brain: Wild Salmon

The human brain is constructed of 60 percent fat so it makes sense that a certain intake of fatty acids will help it function at its highest level. Foods rich in omega-3 fats give the brain what it needs to continue developing and reduce deterioration.

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Is Ice or Heat Better For Your Back Injury?

If you were an athlete back in the day or are raising one now or even if you are just a sports nut, you’ve heard the argument between whether ice or heat is better for non-medicinal therapy for an injury. We’re here to settle that argument with a compromise – they’re both helpful, but for different conditions.

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Left or Right Brained

Those who work in the neurosciences deal with the physical aspects of the brain – blood flow, diseases and cancers of the brain, and other neurological abnormalities. But what people are usually more interested in is how does it function within each person’s personality? Is it a myth that more activity shows up in the left part of the brain if you are analytical or organized, or more activity lights up in the right brain if you’re a painter or designer? Is it possible to have a perfect balance of left and right brain tendencies?

Discover which side of your brain is sending up fireworks by reading the descriptions below:

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