Is Ice or Heat Better For Your Back Injury?

If you were an athlete back in the day or are raising one now or even if you are just a sports nut, you’ve heard the argument between whether ice or heat is better for non-medicinal therapy for an injury. We’re here to settle that argument with a compromise – they’re both helpful, but for different conditions.

Heat can be a successful method of relieving back pain in the lower regions of the back and for those who suffer from chronic back pain. Heat is used to relax the veins which helps increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the injured area, allowing for a quicker healing time. The heat can also soothe the pained area.

For chronic back pain, heat is often used alone, but for injuries, heat and ice come together well for a treatment plan. Hot baths and heating pads are a good, practical, and temporary source of relief from pain.

Ice has the ability to reduce inflammation and swelling that occurs after a muscle sprain or a particular painful battle with arthritis. Unsurprisingly, ice has the opposite effect on the veins from heat. Ice causes the veins to contract and tighten allowing room for the muscle and lessen inflammation. Directly following an injury, 10 – 20 minutes of ice therapy 3 times a day is recommended.

If you have any questions about heat and ice benefits, it’s best to ask a medical professional before beginning therapy. Legacy Neuro is one of Arkansas’ best pain and injury relief medical facilities and their staff is happy to meet all your needs.