Superfoods for Your Brain: Wild Salmon

The human brain is constructed of 60 percent fat so it makes sense that a certain intake of fatty acids will help it function at its highest level. Foods rich in omega-3 fats give the brain what it needs to continue developing and reduce deterioration.

Wild salmon has properties like DHA that reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. It also lowers inflammation within the brain and increases blood flow.

Those trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight often eat salmon, as it is a high source of protein, which keeps you full longer. It’s also packed full with Vitamins A, D, B6, B, and E. Because of this, salmon has shown to give people more energy throughout the day.

Research has also shown benefits of fish on your heart. Studies find that the higher the consumption of fish, the lower the risk of heart disease and cardiac arrest.

When you’re at the grocery store or market, it’s important to check to see that the salmon is wild caught and not farmed, as farmed salmon often contain harmful chemicals.