Left or Right Brained

Those who work in the neurosciences deal with the physical aspects of the brain – blood flow, diseases and cancers of the brain, and other neurological abnormalities. But what people are usually more interested in is how does it function within each person’s personality? Is it a myth that more activity shows up in the left part of the brain if you are analytical or organized, or more activity lights up in the right brain if you’re a painter or designer? Is it possible to have a perfect balance of left and right brain tendencies?

Discover which side of your brain is sending up fireworks by reading the descriptions below:


  • Goal-oriented and well organized
  • Critical thinkers
  • Planners
  • Put aside feelings to make rational decisions
  • Skilled in math and science
  • Researchers and documenters of time and notes directions
  • Preference in non-fictional writing
  • Dog lovers
  • Prefers to work alone


  • Unpredictable and emotional
  • Have great people skills
  • Spontaneous and impulsive
  • Thinks about or acts on feelings
  • Skilled at drawing or playing music
  • Prefers to solve problems on gut reactions
  • Prefers to read and learn about mysteries and the unexplained
  • Cat lovers
  • Prefers to work with a TV or music on

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