New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy Spine

New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy Spine

Many of us will make resolutions of all types for 2017. We would like you to make some resolutions for the health of your back and neck. Here are some tips that you can adopt to improve your spine health in the coming year.

Get Good Sleep and Stay Hydrated
A full eight hours of good sleep each night gives your body the time it needs to reduce stress, heal and rejuvenate. A rested body is less likely to suffer injury. In addition to good rest, your body needs adequate hydration. Fifty to sixty percent of your body’s mass is water. Avoid drinks that dehydrate you and opt for good old H2O. Replenishing the water in your body’s cells and tissues is a powerful tool toward eliminating inflammation and disease within the body.

Stay Active
Your body is designed for motion. It is a beautifully engineered motion machine. Resolve to use it for its intended purpose. Make a goal to be active every day. Walk several miles two to three times per week. Remember, for the health of your spine, it is about being active. Give your body the opportunity to move. Engage your legs, arms and core as you walk.

Stretch Every Day
This tip, more than any other may lead to the most fantastic results when it comes to your spine health and the reduction of back pain. Make it a habit to stretch every morning as soon as you leave your bed. Reach up to the ceiling. Take deep breaths in and get the blood circulating to your brain as you awaken. Reach down toward your toes. Fully extend your spine and allow the intervertebral spaces in your spine to stretch and decompress. When you stretch, you are not only reducing stress on your spine, you are stretching the core muscles which support the spine. These muscle groups, when stressed, can create pain through pinched nerves and inflammation putting pressure on the sensitive spinal column. When they are stretched every day, the muscles and the body have a chance to realign and heal while maintaining proper physiological function.

Stand Up At Every Opportunity
Many of us sit for inordinate periods of our day. We are sedentary for great lengths of time. Take a moment to pay attention to your habits at work. This doesn’t have to be anything terribly complicated. Take a moment every 20-30 minutes and stand up. Move about the office. Focus on proper posture as you stand up. Engage your spine. And when you do have to sit, ensure that you have proper back support.

Bundle Up
If you are making additional resolutions, take advantage of the momentum of the New Year. “Bundle” your resolutions together. For example, resolve to lose weight or quit smoking. Both can have a dramatic impact on your level of back pain. By tackling these resolutions, you may automatically improve your spine health. This, along with a resolution to stay active and get good rest will dramatically improve your quality of life in the long run as well.