National Yoga Day Stretches to Ease Back Pain

Whether young or old, male or female, chances are you’ll experience back pain at some point in your life. Whether you drink hot tea or sweet iced tea, whether you’re a world traveler or homebody, chances are an injury, poor posture, or aging will affect the way you sympathize with chronic back pain sufferers. We have the expertise, staff, and passion for treating back pain for every walk of life, but there are things our patients can do at home – like yoga – to help prevent or help alleviate inflammation.

So, in honor of National Yoga Day, we’re providing a few simple yoga exercises that can be performed at home that will make a world of difference in helping get you back to life.

A few notes: Before beginning any exercise routine, it’s important to consult your doctor. Your Legacy doctor will best know what your body needs and can handle. When performed correctly, you should never feel pain while doing yoga. If you are a beginner to yoga, ease into the positions slowly and advance in your stretches as you feel more comfortable.


Start on your back and gently press your lower spine into the floor. Lift your right leg and wrap a stretchy elastic band in the middle of your right foot pulling the band slightly closer to your chest. After a few minutes, lower your leg and rest, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat with the left leg.


Start in a lunging position with right foot forward and your left leg stretched back, as if beginning a race. If you can, raise up with both arms straight above your head. Count to thirty, remembering to breathe deeply. Twist slightly to the left while placing your right elbow on your right knee at the same time, reaching your left arm over your head. This should stretch your left side and help straighten the spine. Repeat on the opposite side.


Start on your back, knees brought in to your chest. Slowly twist your knees to your right side and use your right hand on your left knee to guide them down and keep them on the floor. Turn your head to the left side and stretch your left arm to the left side. This will mean your knees are to the right and your core and upper body are twisted to the left. This will help align the spine and release toxicity that builds up in the hips.

Update as of 4/30/2020


We are now starting to reschedule elective procedures for those patients who wish to undergo treatment.  We are still adhering to strict social distancing guidelines and take every precaution to ensure safety of our staff and patients.


We will continue to see patients via telehealth for office visits.


We appreciate all of our patients working with us during this time.


The Legacy Team