In 2018 Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists and Scott Schlesinger,MD proudly announce the arrival of the least invasive spinal fusion surgery option available.

MIS spine surgery in 2018

Minimally invasive spine fusion has gotten even less invasive over the last couple of years.  I patented the MIGLIF MIS fusion surgery in the prior 2 years and still use this for many patients that need pedicle screw stabilization.  However, over the last several months, I have started utilizing a new approach that takes the MIS approach to an even greater less is more level.

This is the Vari-lift stand alone expandable inter-body fixation device.  With this I have been able to reduce the OR time to around 1.5 hours  for a extensive yet MIS neural decompression and inter-body fusion.  With this device and surgical approach offered at Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists and Legacy Surgery Center we have had great results and very rapid recovery with much faster return to normal life than the standard open lumbar fusion surgery.

We can usually treat patients without any form of surgery but rather conservative care only. However, if surgery is needed we try to offer the least invasive surgical option. Most commonly patients that must have surgery to free the pressure on a nerve need only a outpatient micro-decompression through our MIS approach.     However sometimes the problem of nerve pressure also exits in the same area of the spine where there is a foundation failure (usually a spondylolisthesis). If this is the case and surgery is required then some form of stabilization of the foundation failure is often needed. Most of these in the country are done with standard open pedicle screw systems and fusion devices that are usually associated with 2-5 days of hospital care, with  longer recovery, greater blood loss and other complications as compared to the more minimally invasive options that we offer.

I have published the results of the outpatient MIS MIGLIF procedure already and these were outstanding but we are now compiling data on the outpatient Vari-lift option as well.   The results so far have been outstanding.   I will follow up with more information when have compiled this follow-up study.

For more information please call or send us a message or check out these videos to learn more about the Wenzel Spine- Vari-Lift LX or the Wenzel Vari-Lift Inter-Body Fusion System.

Written by Scott Schlesinger, MD