What Legacy Is Thankful For

As in the case with most of us, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine of life. A pop-tart on the way to work. Lunch at your desk. Picking up kids at soccer practice. Attempting to clean the house before it gets destroyed again by the new puppy. Rarely, do we all have a moment to sit, breathe, and take in this amazing life we are so honored to live.

When you are suffering from back pain, it gets even harder to shift that focus to thankfulness. So, we are taking this time to allow our amazing Legacy staff to remind us about the important things in life that keep them thankful all year long.


I am thankful for God, my family, and my job; without the 3 I would be nowhere!

Michelle Brown (Accounts Receivable)

I’m thankful for getting to spend the holidays with the people I love most, including my family, friends, and my fur babies.

Brittany Griffith(Radiology tech)

I am thankful to be employed by Legacy, not only because it is a wonderful job to have but because they understand family and are very helpful and understanding when it comes to anything family related. Working with kids and being a single mother can be hard, thankfully the Legacy team and employers are very supportive of families and with helping in any way possible. They have been a blessing to me and my two kids. They have supported and worked with my kids’ schedules and never thought twice about it. They allow me to be a mom and to also have the safe feeling that I am able to have a career with them while doing so.

Kaley Rickard (Patient Scheduler)

I’m thankful for my family/friends and the all the freedoms we have in our lives!

Jaime Mills (RN for Dr. David Rubin)

I am very thankful for my two amazing sons and my husband who never lets me down. Also, I am SUPER thankful for a job that I truly enjoy coming to everyday and the sweet patients we have to make my day brighter.

Lacey Clawson Bell (Communicator for Legacy Neuro)

I am thankful for my amazing family here in Arkansas and that I get to see my Mississippi family for Thanksgiving! I am also so grateful for a job I love and the best boss and co-workers a girl could ask for.

Brandi Hillenburg (RN)

 I am thankful for my grandma and my son!

Alicia Kirskey (Administrative Assistant to Dr. Scott Schlesinger)

I am thankful for the Lord, my family and my wonderful work family.

Jeanie Clark (Receptionist)

I am thankful for health and resilience, stability and security at a workplace where there is never a dull moment, a loving family and amazing friends… and above all else, saving grace!

Joy Ball (RN)

I am thankful for the recent opportunity for my family and I to move back to Arkansas. Seeing my 14-month old little boy interact with his grandparents and cousins has been absolutely priceless. I am also very thankful for a job that allows me to be off on the weekends/holidays in order to spend time with my precious family. We are truly blessed!

Courtney Holderfield (X-Ray Technologist)