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Cell Phones and Neck Pain

Cell phones and neck pain

A new catchphrase in the health care world is Text Neck. It is a term that describes neck pain and damage sustained from looking down at a cell phone, tablet, or other electronic device for too long. In today’s society the cell phone is very much a necessity to most people and as a result, individuals begin to experience pain from overuse of these handy little devices.


Symptoms of Text Neck

  • Upper back pain (nagging pain to sharp, with or without muscle spasms)
  • Shoulder pain
  • Radiating pain in the arms or hands due to poor postural alignment

Treatment of Text Neck

  • Use handheld devices at eye level as much as possible
  • Take frequent breaks every 20-30 minutes
  • Physical Therapy
    • Core strengthening/stabilization exercises
    • Cervical musculature stretching
    • Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Modalities for pain


The link below does an excellent job of explaining cervical spine anatomy and how it relates with neck pain, including “text neck”:


Image courtesy of: Always Connected. How Smartphones and Social Keep US Engaged\

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PAIN: the motivating factor to seek help

If you had to guess, what’s the one thing that almost all new patients have in common when they first arrive to clinic to be evaluated? Pain. Whether it is a new onset of symptoms that started after moving a big beautiful sofa or an unreliable low back that just started hurting with no recollection of injury, the primary motivating factor that brings most patients into the clinic is PAIN.

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F.I.T.T Principle

In the world of physical therapy a very common goal is to increase strength. Some patients love the hands on approach with a skilled therapist while others choose to hit the gym. So if you are one of those individuals that would like to try it on your own there is a very important training tool to keep in mind. The FITT Principle:

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Fitness Friday: How to Maintain a Healthy Back

Most of the time when one is experiencing back pain, they often stay sedentary all day, because they think being active or stretching will hurt them more rather than elevate their back pain. Here are some great stretches and exercises that will increase core strength to support a healthy back.

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How to Avoid Neck Pain at Work

Have you ever arrived to work and before the hectic day has even begun you are already experiencing the nagging and far too familiar feeling of neck pain?

By: Jessica Beggs, DPT (Legacy Neurosurgery Physical Therapist)

There are many sources of neck pain but one that is commonly overlooked is body positioning throughout the work day. According to a recent study by Caio et al. neck pain is a common condition that can cause substantial disability and is of high prevalence with individuals who perform occupational activities while sitting and leaning.1 So, what type of employment fits that job description? This data is not limited to computer programmers and call centers but instead could be applied to nearly all job styles! When sitting, leaning forward is a position that the body sometimes naturally assumes especially when driving a car, using a phone, or working on a computer. It requires countless muscle fibers to recruit and a conscious effort to maintain upright posturing.

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