Legacy MIS Fusion Surgery vs. Traditional MIS Surgery vs. Open Back Surgery Incisions

Legacy Surgery Center, and the surgeons at Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists offer the state-of-the-art most minimally invasive fusion possible. The patient pictured in the first image below, underwent a lumbar fusion, an outpatient procedure,  using our special MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) technique. The patient returned today for a six week post-operative appointment, completely free of sciatica pain and with marked improvement in their quality of life. By using minimally invasive surgery, after conservative care failed, this patient was able to return to her normal activities very quickly after her surgery, short of any heavy lifting.    


While the size of the incision does not reveal all the microscopic computer guided work beneath it, one can certainly get the idea of how much quicker recovery will be with a smaller incision and with minimal tissue disruption. Compare this incision and healing to other lumbar fusion incisions below.

Legacy MIS Midline Fusion Surgery Performed By Scott Schlesinger, MD

Please Note- Very zoomed in

Traditional MIS Fusion 

Open Spine Surgery 




Our standard approach is via a single portal around 1-inch in diameter, which can be done as an outpatient surgery, resulting in lower cost, reduced rate of hospital acquired infections such as MRSA, less blood loss, and much less post-operative pain, resulting in a much quicker recovery and return to normal life. 

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