Medical Monday: Migraines

Migraine headaches are frequently described as throbbing, shooting, aching, or dull headaches.When severe, they can be associated with nausea, light-sensitivity, sound-sensitivity, and dizziness. Patients prone to migraines may have occasional severe headaches but can also be plagued by daily, milder headaches. When migraines become frequent, patients will often benefit from a daily preventative medication. Most migraine patients can find relief and improvement of their headaches with medical management.


If you are experiencing similar symptoms, please contact us for a consultation.

Update as of 4/30/2020


We are now starting to reschedule elective procedures for those patients who wish to undergo treatment.  We are still adhering to strict social distancing guidelines and take every precaution to ensure safety of our staff and patients.


We will continue to see patients via telehealth for office visits.


We appreciate all of our patients working with us during this time.


The Legacy Team