How To Be a Back Pain Caregiver

It’s been a long road of pain and frustration for your loved one. You’ve watched him or her experience back pain for quite some time now and you’ve felt powerless to help. As a wife, husband, brother, sister, son, daughter, you’ve had to do what you can to ensure they have some quality of life left to experience and you’ve finally convinced them to go to Legacy for treatment. While they always turn to conservative care and a comprehensive team approach, you find out your loved one will need minimally invasive surgery. So what does that mean for you? What can you do to help?

Your first goal is of course to ensure your loved one is informed and comfortable.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We took on the responsibility of the Patient Portal for that very reason. Our Patient Care Coordinators are also available to take care of your needs and answer any questions while your loved one is admitted. You will receive a welcome and hospitality packet with information about Legacy and the things we offer while you wait. With our WaitListMe app, you have the opportunity to eat, shop, or stick around to play games on our iPads in the lobby. We also encourage you to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages for tips, education on back pain, and videos on treatments we offer.

Your next goal will be to ensure your loved one recovers quickly but carefully after the surgery.

Our team will to be sure to give you detailed and important instructions on how to care for your loved one at home. We will be available for any questions you have about what the recovery process should look like so you know what to expect ahead of time. Our surgery and clinic facilities are centrally located in Little Rock, Arkansas for easy and convenient travel needs.

We know the day of a surgery – even a minimally invasive outpatient surgery – is a stressful one. And we want to relieve that stress – and your loved one’s pain – to get you both back to life.