Who performs your EMG/NCV is more important than you may realize: 

What is an EMG/NCS

Electromyography (EMG) measures the muscle response or electrical activity in response to nerve’s stimulation of the muscle, while the Nerve Conduction Study (NCV) measures how fast and how strong the electrical activity is in a nerve. These test are often performed together. An EMG and NCV is used to help detect neuromuscular abnormalities and is often ordered by your medical professional when one has unexplained pain, tingling or muscle weakness. EMGs can be used to diagnosis several medical conditions including, but not limited to—Peripheral nerve damage, radiculopathy, pinched nerves, ALS, , neuropathy, muscular dystrophy, and inflammation of muscles.

EMG/NCV Testing should be done by a qualified physician.

However, it is important that a highly-trained medical doctor, who specializes in such testing performs your EMG. When a certified M.D. performs your testing, it results in the best diagnosis and in return, you will be provided with better treatment options.

Here is an example of a EMG—performed by a Physical Therapist (1 page of findings) vs. our Board Certified Neurologist (3 pages of findings)


NCV performed by a Physical Therapist:

EMG & NCV performed by a board-certified Neurologist:

If you are experiencing pain, tingling or muscles weakness, please call our office to schedule an EMG & Nerve Conduction Test with one of our highly-trained, board-certified Neurologist at 501-661-0818.