Meet Legacy Neurosurgeons

Meet Our Neurosurgeons

August is Neurosurgery Awareness Month, and we’re helping you get to know our neurosurgeons and their specialties a little better! Though neurosurgery is already highly specialized, our neurosurgeons each have their own unique skills, areas of expertise and passions within the field. Learn more about them below:

Dr. Scott Schlesinger

Dr. Schlesinger is an Arkansas native, nationally recognized neurosurgeon and founder of the Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists practice. Known for his conservative approach, Dr. Schlesinger views “surgery as a last resort” and has invested an extensive amount of time and resources working with minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS) as an alternative. In fact, Dr. Schlesinger is the co-developer of one of today’s most advanced micro-spine MIS procedures, the MIG-LIF (more on that in next week’s blog).

Dr. Schlesinger also specializes in treating Trigeminal Neuralgia, and is highly sought after by patients who have the condition.

Fun Fact: Dr. Schlesinger completed his Neurosurgery fellowship in Lausanne, Switzerland – home to the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.

Dr. David Rubin

Though Dr. Rubin has only been with the practice for two years, his impact on the range of services and quality of care provided to our patients has been profound. Similar to Dr. Schlesinger, Dr. Rubin specializes in MIS and prefers to help patients with their spinal issues and pain through noninvasive procedures before ever considering surgery.

In addition to his practice in the neurosurgery field, Dr. Rubin has an impressive resume in the academic realm of neurosciences. His research and writing has been highlighted in over ten notable medical publications. Before coming to Legacy, Dr. Rubin spent seven years in the Greater New York City area as a neurosurgery resident.

Fun Fact: Before receiving his medical degree, Dr. Rubin assisted teaching Gross Anatomy, Microanatomy, and Pharmacology at the University of Southern California.