How To Avoid Migraines During the Holidays

Migraines always seem to strike at inopportune times. And with the countless holiday parties, gatherings and trips that will be going on in the next month, the number of events that could be effectively ruined by an ill-timed migraine are about to greatly increase. Unfortunately, along with the number of events that could be ruined by migraines, the amount of migraine triggers is also about to go up. Indulgent food, bright décor and unusual schedules can all heighten the chance of migraines, yet avoiding these throughout the next month seems near impossible. By following the below guidelines, you can increase your chances of enjoying your typical holiday merriment while also keeping headaches and migraines in check.

Get plenty of sleep.

A well-rested body is much better equipped to fight off oncoming migraines. Even though you may have more late-night parties than usual, make getting a solid seven to eight a priority, and take a 20-30 minute nap if you begin to feel sluggish during the day.

Know your triggers for migraines.

Pay attention to your migraine triggers, and be vigilant about avoiding them. If you don’t know what your triggers are, begin keeping a migraine diary and look for patterns in the 48 hours leading up to your migraine episodes. A few common migraine triggers found in food are nitrates – which is found in cured meats, tyramine – which is found in aged cheeses, and sulfites – which are found in most red wines.

Consider cutting back on flashy décor.

Flashing lights and glitzy décor can trigger migraines, so opt for garland and ornaments with a natural, matte finish for your own home.

Stay hydrated.

Dehydration is often associated with common headaches, which can quickly escalate into migraines. Even though you may be on the go more often during the holidays, make drinking plenty of water a priority.

Eat healthy.

The holidays make healthy eating hard, but not balancing out the increased amount of sugar and alcohol you are likely to consume could spell disaster for your migraines. Try to start each day out with some sort of protein and vegetables, and then make a point to eat several more servings of vegetables throughout your day.

Address your stress.

The holidays typically bring an increased amount of stress, which is a common migraine trigger. The minute you begin to feel anxious about getting your house ready for an upcoming holiday party or about getting the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, take a moment to relax, and remember what this season is really about. You’ll likely not only avoid a few migraines, but also enjoy the holiday season more as well.