Back to Life Spine Health Program

Spine degeneration is a chronic condition often manifested by episodes of pain in the spine and/or referred into the limb (sciatica/radicular pain). Recurrent episodes can affect anyone in multiple areas of the spine at some point in life. Once a patient begins having episodes of back or neck pain, the future recurrence is highly likely unless a fundamental life change is made. Our mission is for our patients to function at their highest level with the best long-term prognosis. Legacy’s comprehensive, unique, experienced, and expertly-trained team is the solution to all your physical therapy questions and needs.

Our state-of-the-art software allows us to track your spine health development objectively throughout treatment in our Back to Life Spine Health Program.

The effectiveness of our comprehensive Back to Life Spine Health Program is totally dependent on the individual patient’s commitment to the principles as outlined in this program. This is a lifetime commitment!


Our physical therapy program consists of three phases which help our patients experience complete recovery and prevent future recurrent pain or injury.

Acute Phase: This phase of treatment is geared toward addressing acute pain issues. A wide variety of treatment processes will be considered, including injection procedures, medication treatment therapy and surgical procedures. Physical therapy will be used as an adjunct with this phase of care to help enhance the treatment effectiveness and follow up as needed.

Sub-acute/Rehabilitation Phase: This phase of treatment will include physical therapy after surgery and epidural/facet injection treatment. Physical therapy has been proven to be very effective to increase outcomes within spine rehabilitation phases of treatment.

Preventative Care Phase: This phase of care will focus on prevention of future injuries and allow patients to return to regular activities of daily living and recreation as quickly and as safely as possible. While we want you to return to your normal functional activities, we also want to decrease the for potential future injury. This phase incorporates an aggressive MedX program for spinal strengthening and conditioning, as well as a multitude of other core strengthening and work conditioning follow up treatments.


Physical Therapy Booklet


  • Pain reduction
  • Pain prevention, once improved
  • Preventative maintenance of the spine
  • Posture evaluation and progress
  • Assessment and improvement in core strength
  • Fitness modification
  • Increased flexibility and mobility of the spine
  • BMI modification
  • Prevention of future and recurrent injuries and/or symptoms
  • Lifestyle change including cessation of tobacco products, which have deleterious detrimental effects on the spine
  • Long term prophylaxis after our interventional MIS (minimally invasive spine) physicians and surgeons have treated the acute pain source with their procedures

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  • Available Treatment Options

  • Physical Therapists
  • Therapy Assistants
  • Neurologists
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  • Anesthesia Spine Pain Specialists
  • Registered Nurses

  • Spine Care
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  • Spinal Conditioning
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  • Physiology

MedX Core Strengthening Program

As part of our preventative care phase of treatment, we are happy to provide a clinically proven spinal strengthening and stabilization program.

MedX is considered the Gold Standard of treatment for reducing chronic back/neck pain and dysfunction through specific spinal strengthening.

The lumbar and cervical extension machines are designed, researched, and clinically proven to isolate and strengthen the “de-conditioned” spinal muscles, and help decrease pain levels, restore spinal function, improve quality of life and decrease the need for on-going or future spinal care.

  • This program is for nonsurgical patients that receive moderate to maximal benefit from epidural steroid injection or facet injection series.
  • The MedX program is beneficial to patients who have received acute pain relief from treatments rendered here at Legacy Neurosurgery and are ready to move into a preventative spine strengthening and stabilization program. This is to increase strength of the deep lumbar or cervical paraspinal musculature.
  • This program is NOT for patients that are surgical candidates or who did not receive pain relief or benefit from the epidural steroid injection or facet injection series.
  • The program is NOT for the extremely elderly patients (patients > 70 years old should be carefully evaluated), or patients with active osteoporosis or bone disease. (The literature and data used for evaluation with the equipment does not go beyond 70 years old).

Spinal Traction Table

Spinal traction is a form of decompression therapy used to relieve pressure on your spine. It is a non-surgical form of relieving pain and correcting spinal issues. The spinal traction table is used to stretch your spine in order to take pressure off compressed discs.

Our physical therapy team uses a spinal traction table for conditions like degenerative disc disease, slipped discs, herniated discs, facet disease, sciatica, and pinched nerves.

Along with our other forms of physical therapy, spinal traction has been shown to combat the effects of gravity over the years to allow the body to heal itself. Patients feel a significant change in their range of movement and amount of pain.